How to add mutliple extensions.

1. Log onto scopserv and then Extension list. Configuration --> Telephony --> Extensions

2. Click on Add Mutliple Extensions.

3. Now select the type (SIP).

4. Enter the extension range you are adding.

5. Class of Service - will be the name of the company (class of service will setup before hand).

6. Click next twice.

7. Change Password case from all lowercase --> Mixed lower/uppercase.

8. Click next

9. Make sure there is a check in the Codec(s) G.711 alaw and G.729 box.

10. Click next.

11. Change Language: English and enable "Force call recording" on incoming and outgoing calls.

12. Click next.

13. Fill in names of users if needed.

14. Click next.

15. Confirm info and them check the Aplly Changes Box.

16. Click finish.