This is how you add a handset to the server.

1. Get the mac address off the back of the handset. This will be a 12 digit number starting with 00

2. Log onto ScopServ and then add the mac to the provisioning list. Configuration --> Telephony --> provisioning

3. Click on import mac on the top right hand corner then add the mac address in there then click next --> next --> chose model of phone --> next --> finish

4. Click on provisioning again on the top bar.

5. Scroll down and you will see the mac address greyed out. Edit this mac address.

6. Assign this to the correct template on the system, then under lines choose the correct extension. ( look at another mac to compare should you get confused. )

7. under PBX services select the extension that has been assigned under lines.

8. Save your changes, On the right hand side of the mac you will see a bin and then a block. Tick the block to un-grey this mac address.

9. You have now setup the handset. Click telephony on the far left hand side of the screen and then commit.

10. Plug the phone into the network and this should work.