To deactivate DND on the handset:

1. Check to the handset to see if it is on DND( this will be displayed differently depending on the make/model of handset)

1a.Snom: will display DND active on the display

1b. Yealink: will have a DND displayed on the upper part of the screen

1c. Polycom: DND on the side of the screen

2. Deactivate DND

2a. Snom: press the mute button will the handset is idle.

2b. Yealink: press the menu button, then features, then scroll down to DND and then disable DND

2c. Polycom: press the DND button.

To deactivate DND through the server:

1. Dial the *79 feature code from your handset.

1a. Snom: dial *79 followed by the tick button.

1b. Yealink: dial *79 followed by the ok button.

1c. Polycom: dial *79 followed by the dial button.